Rules of racing


1: If you make contact with another player and cause them to leave the track and gain a position then you must allow them to re-join and give them the position back.


1.1: If a player makes contact with you and you are certain you did not cause the contact then you are permitted to carry on


2: If you feel a player was racing unfairly (causing multiple incidents, driving badly on purpose etc) then video evidence is to be submitted to an admin member within 24 hours of race end.


2.1: If you are asked to provide video evidence of a race or non-can be obtained from another player then the admin will have to base an incident decision on the footage viewed


3: Excessive mic chat during qualifying and a main race is prohibited. Players who want to chat are advised to set up a private chat. The only exception to this rule is when all racers agree to have an open mic race.


3.1: A mic can be used to aid a race i.e.- an incident on track or to improve the racing (see rule 4)


4: If a player is lagging we have a multi-flash light policy. Keep flashing your lights to advise them, the player lagging must pull over and let traffic through. If the lagging is bad the player can be asked to leave either via pm or via mic.


5: Disconnects- although this is out of control of us and the player a disconnect is counted as an engine failure and players will not score for a DC.


6: leaving a race after qualifying has started is prohibited. this can interfere with replay footage and cause lag. Leaving early is only allowed when agreed with the host in an emergency situation.


7: Back markers must let leaders past but only have to do so at a safe place on track. back markers should not be forced to move onto the grass.


8: If you leave the track you must make sure it is safe before returning.

The NXTGEN penalty system

All incidents passed to the admin team are looked at on an individual basis and punishment can be any of the following depending on severity and how often a player is reported


Verbal Warning

Point Deduction

Race Ban

League Ban

Group Ban